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Our mobile applications provide a modern and comfortable user interface and professional design. All applications designed for the mobile communicators are developed according to specific requirements of our clients, so they offer exactly the functionality to specific customer needs and requirements.

In QBSW, we develop applications designed for smart mobile devices (smartphones) under the product brand QBSW Mobile. Our mobile solutions are innovative, practical and user–friendly, therefore they can reflect the specific requirements of customers in different sectors.

We develop mobile apps operating on these platforms:

  • iOS (iPhone)
  • Android (Google)
  • Symbian (Nokia)
  • Windows Phone (Microsoft)

We provides a comprehensive work covering the application development process for the mobile environment:

  • Detailed analysis of the initial ideas
  • Mobile application design
  • Development of functional user interface (UI)
  • Configuration of all functional elements
  • App testing
  • Implementation and integration of mobile applications on the market
  • Application technical support, update, upgrade and initial trainings


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More information about our mobile apps and solutions you can find on the web page: qbswapps.com.

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