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Smart Log- new iPhone application

Smart Log is the new application developed by QBSW that allows simple management of car log book. Smart Log is an intuitive, user-friendly application, also suitable for beginners and less experienced users. It is available for downloading on Apple iTunes.

Smart Log enables to enter information and data about routes or trips, generates statistical charts, populates list of all trips, consumption overviews and the whole range of other functionalities, which provides management of log book in your iPhone.

It is very helpful not only for drivers using company car for business and private purposes, but also for travelers whose want to have an overview of costs, distances and routes of their own cars. Smart log also gives to companies a control over carriage stock use and expenditures related to it.


                                              Smart Log Screenshots

The application is made under current Slovak legislation. It allows the use of the EURO or other currency.

Smart Log is available for downloading on iTunes. Download it now!

For more information, please, contact us on phone: +421 2 581 003 18 or via email at sales@qbsw.sk.


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