Since 2000 QBSW brings Quality Software Solutions for the public sector and private organizations, both in Slovakia and abroad. We specialize on development of complex IS solutions in the range of analysis, design, development, delivery, upgrade, maintenance, and integration. We grow together with you: our customers, partners and employees.

We offer our extensive knowledge and experiences from the fields of software development, financial management solutions and related services, including software application development outsourcing. Our customers require high quality and reliable solutions to improve their organizational information processes. We focus mainly on long-term cooperation with customers that are very demanding and have stable market positions.

The QBSW solutions and services are presented in four product groups that complexly cover information needs of modern companies and public organizations:







In QBSW, we develop software solutions to enable our customers to reach competitive advantages by higher quality and efficiency of their crucial data gathering, management, and analysis. The QBSW product fields stand for complex software solutions and services based on modern technologies. They come supplied hand-in-hand with related services such as IT consultancy, expert assistance, support and maintenance and other professional IT services.

Since the establishment of our company, various significant companies and organizations have expressed us their confidence in the realization and maintenance of information systems to solve their information requirements. We have also started cooperation with the world leading IT companies on various projects in Slovakia and abroad.

QBSW reports respectful financial results during the years of its existence. The growth in sales and added value proves success of our solutions and services and unlocks us new opportunities for the further development and continual improvement. Our success is a result of the quality work of all our employees working on all positions.

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